Exciting New Feature For 2011

by Kari on December 28, 2010

EXAMEN.me has been working hard to develop a new feature that will continue to enable each reader to interact with God on a deeper level.   The day has finally come to release those new developments to the users!

We have added 30 reading plans to EXAMEN.me to help you interact with God in 2011. There is a reading plan for every type of personality. We have put together year-long plans, and plans that will finish in 90 days, 30 days, 14 days, or 7 days. Each reading plan has its own focus and covers different Biblical characters, books, and life topics.

You can continue to log in and do the scripture and prayer examens, but in addition, we encourage you to try out a new reading plan as well.  These reading plans will enable you to focus on topics you may be dealing with, areas of life you may need encouragement in, or books you desire to read through.

Go login and discover the right reading plan for you!

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