Top 3 Reasons to Use Reading Plans

by Kari on December 29, 2010 just released a new feature that allows each reader to pick from a variety of 30 different reading plans.  When you hear the words “reading plans”, you may cringe as you remember all the plans in the past that you have not fully completed.  Don’t worry, we have built this feature to help you succeed!  Here are the top three reasons why’s reading plans are unique, beneficial, and completely achievable.

1. There are a variety of plans offered.

We have year long plans90 day plans30 day plans14 day plans, and 7 day plans.  Each plan varies in its purpose.  For example, there is a year-long Bible reading plan that goes through the Bible chronologically, one that goes straight through from Genesis to Revelation, one that focuses just on the New Testament for a year, one that goes through the Epistles, and one that goes through the New Testament as well as the Psalms and Proverbs.    There are 30 and 14 day plans that take you through specific people or ideas in scriptures and various shorter plans that deal with life topics.  There literally is a reading plan for every personality and life circumstance.

2. The days of the reading plan are not divided into actual calendar days.

Instead, you can go through the plan as fast or as slow as you wish.  For example, if you signed up for 7 Days on Focusing on Marriage and began Day 1 right away, the second day would be available immediately upon completing the first day.  This allows you to complete a 7 day plan in one day, 7 consecutive days, or 7 days spread out throughout the month or year.   Typical reading plans confine you to completing the plan in consecutive days.  The flexibility of’s plans allows you every opportunity to succeed in the reading plans you signed up for.

3. You can sign up for as many plans as you want.

If you want to go through 14 Days on the Life and Teaching of Paul at the same time as you are going through the Bible in a year and 7 Days on Money, you can.  When you login, you just choose which plan to begin at that moment.

These are only the top three reasons why these reading plans will be worth your time.  You do need to create a free account in order to access the reading plans, but it will be well worth your time.   Go to and start your 2011 with a plan in place to help develop an intimate relationship with Christ.

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